I, Bear Watcher and Servant of Cecil, Solemnly swear to follow the path of the Bears, and to do just in the Great Prairie Dogs’ name. I will honor thy cousins, the Bears of oh great might, and honor thy Kingdom in which they reign. I will fight for the Alliance, of Blacks and Whites,… [Continue Reading]


“Stories are no longer being posted as of now, due to a side-project that I, Ryan Sharon, am currently working on. This side-project, however, should be something to look forward to if you’re a fan of the site or any other work I’ve done; It’s a novel, folks! Yes, I know, quite exciting. At this… [Continue Reading]


“In a place so fucked up, so strange, and so fat that people are forced to mainly stay on the couch during the day, lives the entire human race. Of course, I’m talking about the planet Earth. At the center of this story is Neil Patrick Harris, and for the next few hours we’ll be… [Continue Reading]


Glad to see you could make it to the site, but you're probably wondering what it's about. Here at A Week With Bears we are dedicated to writing daily imaginative and twisted stories, all for your reading pleasure. Also, if you believe yourself to be up to the challenge, then you can post your own stories on the Submit a Story! page. If you want to experience complete and utter horror, you can go see stories other people have posted on the user Submitted Stories page. We have plenty of things besides the stories for you to do on the site, but a lot of those things require you to be a member, otherwise known as a Bear Watcher. Signing up's simple. Just click the Register button to the right and fill out the form. After that you should be good to go, and ready to embark on an epic journey through the Bear Kingdom.

Majestic and Beautiful

Well, this is the first news post we've had in a while, but I'd like to keep you updated on what's been going on behind the scenes. Currently, I'm doing a lot of work on the site's infrastructure, because as you know, it's always changing. Also, I've trying to solidify some ideas I had about possibly making a fan art page, or something of the sort. I've also been thinking of posting a word of the week. Sound awesome, Bear Watchers? I believe it does. If you can think of anything you would like to see on here, which I'm sure you can. So, have a merry day my friends, and make love to many a prostitutes.


The new AWWB shirts have been designed my fellow Bear Watchers! To view a preview of the shirts, click here.

The Return of the Bear!

Attention Bear Watchers! I know you've all been eagerly waiting for this announcement, but it's finally here. A Week With Bears is officially going to start up again! The stories themselves won't start getting posted again until November 12th (The site's official first birthday!), but I'll be writing them and doing a lot of work on the site's infrastructure and appearance. If you have any ideas you'd like to share with me about what I should to do to the site, or a story I should write, don't hesitate to email me at ContactUs@AWeekWithBears.com

But, until the 12th, you can also look forward to more T-Shirts! If you have any questions about those, ask me in person or email me. Good luck my friends, and may Cecil guide you on a fruitful path

A Week With Bears is proud to announce the production of its first feature length film! The movie is called Dinosaur Police, and is written by non other than Ryan Sharon and Jordan Palmer. If you would like to participate in the awesomeness, please visit the website.


I, Ryan Sharon, am proud to say that I support the new local magazine, JELLO. All Bear Watchers should definitely check them out, because, as you'll read in the ad/their facebook, they're THE shit.

JELLO - a magazine concerning local music, art, food, and social issues.

Greetings, beings. Do you care about your local community? Do you enjoy ingesting local foods and pleasuring your ears with local music? Do you dabble in the arts? Then you must join us!

We are looking to tackle the following themes through journalism and art:

  • Local music
  • Photography
  • Art of all mediums
  • Current social issues concerning human rights, sexuality, feminism, etc.
  • Poetry/short stories
  • Local foods (specifically vegetarian and vegan options)

    Ryan & Brayton's School of Higher Learning

    Ryan Sharon is proud to announce that his alma mater, formally known as Alexander's School of Higher Learning, has an official website. He is also happy to announce that he and a fellow from his graduating class, Brayton Barrett, have taken up the roles of deans at the school. For further information, visit the website of Ryan & Brayton's School of Higher Learning..

    Massive Site Update

    Well, today I spent most of my freetime updating the site. I mainly edited the story related pages, so now they're organized by the month they were written. Also, the loadtimes have been kicked down a lot because the pages aren't so crowded. Thanks for the support guys, and keep visiting the site!

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